dinsdag 27 mei 2008


To continue my previous posting: what I have described in brief format is a pathway of protein synthesis. There are many pathways in such  syntheses. After the production phase in the narrow sense, where ribosomes have done their work, a  lot of other stuff happens. The comparison with industrial production may be illuminating in this point. After all, the product has to be packaged, tagged, distributed and finally integrated (to play its role) in the structure it is directed to, be it a plasmamembrane or other structure. The same applies to the industrial product: this arrives at the consumer site to be used in the daily process of life. There is of course another side to this production business: it starts and is sustained by the need for certain products. Without a perceived need or anticipation of such a need, production wouldn't start, normally speaking. Analysis of need, necessity, desire, aspiration, etc., is something which is necessary in the development of wholistic models. It fits in the larger context of values, qualities, energies, regulation, decision, meaning, etc. Not an easy thing to do, I suppose. We will see.

Energy is necessary for protein synthesis, as in all production processes. There is a whole field of study in this area alone! Not only are there many types and qualities of energy (vide Bennett's work and previous blogpostings), but the working together of some of these energies effectuate the emergence of other, intermediate energies. The latter idea can be found with Gurdijeff, Bennett and in a related way in the system of Simon Magus (in the gems that are transmitted by tradition about him - do a search on  G. R. S. Mead in that respect). That is all food for research.

Lastly, plant biologists begin to apply the Living Systems Theory of Jim Grier Miller (which I use too)  to their field of study. At last, some of them begin to recognize that plants are intelligent beings, can discriminate between self and non-self, process information, communicate with other plants and animals, have a kind of nervous system (much involved with the root-brain) and exhibit different kinds of movements (from rotation to nutation). Very good. I will give you some more information in another posting.