vrijdag 17 augustus 2007

Interweaving of systems

In my example of generation I left out a couple of factors, because of the increase of complexity in the model it brings. Nevertheless, we cannot do without additional considerations if we want to build a  realistic model. For example, it is now known that stress entering the system of the mother can affect the child through the stress-hormones involved. That could be modelled as a "fifth stage" or substage interfacing with the third (sub)stage on level three. On a more esoteric level, there is the influence of imagination of the mother on the embryo/fetus and not to forget, the influence of the reincarnating entity that can motivate/urge (impulse) the parents-to-be to bond/mate. Reversely, the parents wil attract the reincarnating entity. That could and should be taken into consideration in my model at some point.

I am well aware of the fact that adherents of scientism (the  kind of scientist that thinks that his or her feelings and thoughts are the exclusive effect of a kind of molecular action)  will abhor all these notions. This is not my problem. Such scientists are ususally very mediocre and have no intuition at all. The best scientists have always been those with a somewhat developed intuition which led them to formulate fruitful new hypotheses.

For now, I leave it as it is. I am modelling something else to gain more insight into the workings of the model.