donderdag 25 september 2008

Da Vinci Code

Lately, I have been watching the movie "The Da Vinci Code". Quite entertaining, I must say.
It has a strong beginning where some professor is giving a lecture about symbology in religion. He shows the public some images and they must say what these refer too. Examples: a svastika (the public associates it with nazism, but it is an ancient Buddhist symbol); a sculpture of a woman with suckling child (the people mention the Madonna, but it is the Egyptian Goddess Isis with the infant Horus!). Very good. This neatly fits one of the purposes of my websites on esoterism: to educate the people about the meaning of symbols and, hence, the deeper meaning of scripture.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Gerald Massey  mention Isis and Horus often in their works. In esoterism it is understood that Isis stands for Mother nature and Horus for the Christos principle. In the same vein, Mother Mary stands for Higher Mind (spiritual mind or manas) and Mary Magdalene for the earthly mind, desire-mind, or kama-manas, the "sinning mind" that can be redeemed..

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